Elmstead Market


PRE CONSERVATION SPIDER WEB – This is the South Choir window which was heavily over-leaded following its previous bout of damage. Each piece of glass that had been broken had been leaded together with predominantly 10mm round section lead, rendering the lattice work of diamond quarries illegible.

POST CONSERVATION - Due to the lead being fairly new and far too large for purpose, to remove the newly broken pieces would have inevitably resulted in breaking them further. As the panel was quite distorted by the impact anyway, it was decided to dismantle the panel to access the broken pieces and then re-assemble them into the original cohesive arrangement of diamond quarries with basic architectural border details.

EXTERNAL SECURITY - In addition to the previous glazier’s protective system, we created an inter-space between this and the leaded glazing (which was ventilated to the inside) and added wire guards and bespoke ferramenta sets.