Little Burstead


This shows the damage caused to the upper half of the window. Other pieces were also broken, but this piece of armorial helm work was the saddest to see.


Apart from a 15th C roundel of the letters ‘IPC’, this piece was the only ancient piece of glass in the window. It is beautifully decorated with fruits of many colours and lavish feather plumes, all of which had to be duplicated using layers of enamel paints, stains and oxides. Fortunately, the photographs taken in 2004 gave the pictorial information required to complete the missing piece of 2006. The new painted piece was edge-bonded to the original pieces and back-plated for stability and to protect it from the elements. This image shows the new in-fill glass having been cut to shape and trace-line painted before the other layers of shading, enamels and stain are applied.


This shows the piece having been repaired, back-plated and releaded into the body of the window.