This is an amazing window, with powerful imagery in a kaleidoscope of bright colours.

It measures 3.2m(w) x 4.4m(h) and had been fitted into a new metal frame in 2007. This frame proved to be inadequate in its strength, and the whole window began to bend to the slightest touch. We were asked to assess the window by John Hoath, of Artemis Conservation. The concern was that the panels could be blown out in a winter storm, as had been prevalent in recent years. Our job was to remove the glazing to allow for a new, far more robust metal frame to be installed. This was made by Holdsworth Windows Ltd. of Shipston-on-Stour.

We provided templates of the 9 panels, and they made the frame in a way that prevented as little adjustment to the glazing as possible, despite the thicker metal sections. The reductions were restricted to the green borders, that were at least 4” wide. These could be easily reduced without compromising the design.

We completed the work by replacing the perimeter leads, replacing a previously unpainted repair with a painted piece, edge-bonding a few fire-crazed pieces, cleaning all the glazing and fitting new copper tie wires; sometimes as many as 10 for each glazing bar, as opposed to the 6 or 7 previously fitted.

We fitted them back using a clear, low-modulus silicon that does not set hard, therefore allowing expansion and contraction of the lead.



Damage to the East Chancel window was caused by vandals throwing pieces of head stones they’d also broken just outside the window. The damage was confined to the lower section of this panel, which mirror-imaged a panel to its left and which carried the rest of the inscription. The broken and missing pieces can be seen in the ’Before’ photo.    more



This East Chancel window was distorting quite badly in places and some of the lead work had split at the solder joints. Due to this movement, some glass had broken. Some large pieces had started to fall out of the lead and 2 of the panel divisions were flapping in the wind. The only permanent course of action was to remove the entire window for repair and releading    more



This panel was part of a project by another glazing firm, ‘Saltream’ of Huntingdon, Cambs. It was made by E.Norman Reed of Newcastle and arrived at our studio with a most massive bulge where vandals had forced the window inwards.    more



We have carried out substantial repairs on these South Porch windows in 2 stages. Because we keep an archive of damaged glass that has been rendered unusable, and we take detailed photographs of their ‘before’ and ‘after’ condition, we are able to carry out faithful copies of the original paint work. If this were not the case, many subsequent repairs would suffer from the ‘Chinese Whisper’ effect and result in totally unsuitable repairs.    more